Our Vision Statement & Core Values


Core Values                                                                vision Statement

We are committed to being:
CHRIST CENTERED                                                                                        We have a vision of a community of believers from 
We value a personal relationship with Jesus Christ                              all backgrounds who are united by a common cause
because we believe He loves us and we are to love                              and vision to produce a God-honoring church to
Him.                                                                                                                  serve Humboldt County and influence nations
BIBLICALLY BASED                                                                                       We have a vision of people meeting regularly
We value the Gospel of Jesus Christ because we                                 for celebration services where the music is
believe it shows the plan of salvation and                                                contemporary, enthusiastic, and worshipful;
demonstrates the power of God at work in people’s                              and where the messages communicate God’s truth
lives.                                                                                                                  in ways that people can understand and apply to their
We value inspired preaching and teaching because                              lives.
we believe it is the way God powerfully and
persuasively presents the Good News of Jesus                                     We have a vision of a vital community connected
Christ.                                                                                                               by honest, helpful relationships nurtured through
                                                                                                                           a network of small group ministries in a relaxed
CARING AND RELATIONAL                                                                          and joyful atmosphere of true openness and
We value small groups because we believe we need                           mutual encouragement.
each other and they provide the best opportunity for
positive life changes.                                                                                     We have a vision of our children being taught and
                                                                                                                           cared for; our marriages being strengthened;
EMPOWERED FOR SERVICE                                                                        our singles being encouraged; our youth being
We value an environment that helps people discover                            unconditionally loved; and our senior citizens being
and apply their God-given gifts and talents because                              respected.
we believe every believer can be empowered by the
Holy Spirit to serve others.                                                                           We have a vision of a community that is committed
                                                                                                                          to restoring wholeness to people within an
DYNAMIC DISCIPLES                                                                                    atmosphere of love, acceptance, and forgiveness to
We value spiritual growth because we believe we are                          nurture that process
to become more like Jesus.
We value excellence because we believe it honors                               We have a vision of training and equipping believers
God and inspires people.                                                                            to be all that God intended them to be. We see this
We value good stewardship because we believe                                  church sending various ministry teams into the local  
everything we have comes from God and should                                  community and onto the mission field to offer
be managed wisely to further His Kingdom.                                           assistance and to spread the Good News of Jesus
We value the people of Humboldt County because
we believe they matter to God.
We value creativity because we
believe that to be effective we must be culturally
relevant and willing to change.



  November 2020  
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